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Ethics and Compliance

At WarnerMedia, we are committed to fostering a business environment where fair, honest and respectful dealings with each other, our customers, competitors, suppliers, government agencies and communities are everyone's responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to high ethical standards of business conduct is a core value that is strongly supported at every level of management.

Standards of Business Conduct

The company's Standards of Business Conduct embodies our commitment to running our business according to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  The Standards of Business Conduct applies to all corporate employees of WarnerMedia, and serves as a model for similar codes of conduct that have been adopted at each of the company's businesses. Offices outside the United States also have adopted standards of business conduct with modifications as appropriate in light of local laws and rules. Our Standards of Business Conduct stress the importance of abiding by the law, being truthful, being transparent in our business dealings, putting the needs of our shareholders and customers first, and avoiding excesses and ethical lapses. More detailed policies on various ethics and compliance topics, such as anti-corruption, information security and social media, provide additional guidance to company employees.

Since business situations can often be complicated or unclear and the laws governing ethics and compliance are numerous, a strong compliance environment needs more than codes of conduct and policies. It also requires training, education, and employee trust. To that end, all new hires who are regular domestic employees receive training on the Standards of Business Conduct shortly after their arrival at the company, and annual ethics and compliance training is also conducted for existing employees. Ongoing efforts in this area include multi-media training programs, as well as multi-faceted awareness campaigns that use a variety of media and print outlets to reach our employees. We have also provided additional training to those employees involved in conducting international business in areas including anti-corruption, data privacy and competition.


We encourage employees to report any concerns about conduct or incidents that may run counter to our values, and we have a strict policy prohibiting retaliation for concerns raised or reported in good faith.

Ethical Sourcing and Supply Chain

WarnerMedia is a global company with a worldwide supply chain. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we, or our suppliers, do business. Learn more here

Tobacco Depiction Policy

Warner Media, LLC firmly believes in freedom of expression and actively supports the creative vision of producers, writers, directors, actors and others involved in making feature films. Consistent with this belief, Warner Media’s film studios, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema (together, the “Studios”), work closely with creative talent to produce and distribute for theatrical release feature films that appeal to a wide array of audiences. At the same time, the Studios strive to produce and distribute feature films in a responsible manner and remain sensitive to public concerns, industry practices and public health regulations and research in this area as they develop and change over time. Accordingly, the Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate the depiction of smoking and tobacco products/brands in their feature films, unless there is a compelling creative reason for such depictions. The Studios’ practices currently include the following:

  1. The Studios do not enter into any product placement or promotion arrangements with respect to tobacco products/brands for any theatrical feature film they produce and distribute in the United States.
  2. The Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate depictions of smoking and tobacco products/brands in any theatrical feature film produced and distributed in the United States that is expected to be rated “G”, “PG” or “PG-13”, unless (a) the depiction involves a character who is a literary or an actual historical figure known to have used tobacco products; (b) the depiction is otherwise warranted for reasons of compelling literary or historical accuracy; or (c) the depiction is part of a conspicuous anti-smoking reference. Even within these three categories, the Studios consider ways to reduce depictions of smoking and tobacco.
  3. The Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate depictions of smoking and tobacco products/brands in any theatrical feature film produced and distributed in the United States that is expected to be rated “R”, unless there are compelling creative reasons for such depictions.
  4. For any feature film produced by the Studios for theatrical release outside the United States or where the Studios’ influence over the content of any feature film is limited (such as a films co-produced by the third parties or films produced by third parties and only distributed by the Studios), the Studios discourage the depiction of smoking when they believe it is appropriate to do so.

Adopted July 2005; revised October 2018